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Xcedex is a leading provider of software products and services which help organizations with virtualization and cloud planning, energy savings, and device infrastructure analysis including device inventory, applications, configuration and utilization for delivering action oriented plans that enable the rapid identification and implementation of efficiency and cost saving measures.

X_Factor©, Xcedex’s device intelligence software product, features an agent less architecture enabling an organization’s entire device infrastructure, including any device with an IP address to be easily scanned no matter where it’s located and the results analyzed for recommended actions by an easy to use but powerful modeling capability allowing alternative configurations and actions to be easily developed and compared.

X_Factor© supports all major platforms including Windows, Linux, UNIX, and IBM mainframes. In addition, for each IP device, it can capture applications, utilization, configuration (CPU, memory, storage, and network) and manufacturer. This enables the rapid development of detailed, step-by-step virtualization plans, identification of energy saving opportunities, underutilized equipment, comparison of alternative vendor proposals and changes in device or application counts providing a measure of IT control previously unavailable.

Xcedex’s products have been proven in over 1000 customers ranging from 60 to 30,000 servers and have saved many millions of dollars for its customers. For example, one customer saved a MEGAWATT of power and eliminated the need to build 3 datacenters while another reduced their server count from 65 to 5.